What seven seater to replace Audi A6?

Volvo XC90 blue front

I currently drive an Audi A6 Avant but require more room and flexibility as my family grows, so thinking seven seats. I like the solid feel and reliability of German build but find the offerings a little bland. What would you recommend? DC, Winchester

New Car Advice says: The Audi Q7 is a strong contender in the seven-seat SUV class, but if you want to move away from a German brand there are a couple of other great options. First is the Volvo XC90, which offers a good amount of room for seven people, smart styling and a really lovely interior, both in terms of design and quality. The 2.0-litre diesel engine isn’t as good as the V6 you’ll find in the Audi, but it’s still a very good car. Alternatively, the new Land Rover Discovery offers plenty of room for seven people, plus the premium interior quality you’re used to from your A6 and is good to drive. Again the four-cylinder engine isn’t a match for the Audi, though. The alternative is to look at a people carrier rather than an SUV, although due to their  practical nature these don’t tend to scream of excitement. A Ford S-Max is the most enjoyable to drive, but while interior quality is good, it still doesn’t measure up to the Audi, Volvo or Land Rover.