What car for transporting a Great Dane?

Which is the best car for transporting a Great Dane please? NH

The answer depends to some degree on your budget, but when it comes to carrying dogs in cars things such as a rubber boot liner, a large boot, a dog guard to stop them jumping over into the rear seats, and a comfortable ride so the dog doesn’t become travel sick are all factors to consider. With a large dog such as a Great Dane it’s also worth thinking about finding a car where the loading height of the boot is low enough to be easy to access as the dog gets older.

With that in mind we’d lean towards what are two of the most comfortable and spacious estate cars currently on sale. First is the Mercedes E-Class Estate, which has an enormous boot and a low load height and is available with a sturdy dog guard and a non-slip boot liner from the official Mercedes accessories range. Prices for the E-Class Estate start from £38,005.

Alternatively the Skoda Superb Estate (from £21,400) has a fraction more space in the boot than the Mercedes and can be ordered with a double-sided floor covering that again is non-slip on one side. You can also order a metal partition to go between the boot and passenger compartment direct from Skoda and a rubber protector than sits on top of the rear bumper to protect it as the dog climbs in and out. Skoda also offers as an accessory a ‘Dog Safety Belt’, which is a harness (it comes in sizes up to extra large!) that clips on to the seat belt if you wanted your dog to travel in the back seat.